What is LPFM? Low Power FM radio stations are non-commercial stations run by non-profit organizations, schools, community groups, churches, or government agencies. They are largely run by volunteers and support local programming. Their effective power is limited to 100 watts, which covers about a 3-4 mile radius - enough, for example to cover about two-thirds of the city of Modesto. Car radios are actually the most sensitive, commonly available radios today, so they may pick up stations from much further away than a typical clock radio or indoor FM receiver. A possible "coverage map" for our potential station may be seen here

(Compared to, say, the highest class commercial radio station which may operate up to an effective power of 100kw, and cover a radius of 60-70 miles or more depending, for example, on their antenna height and the surrounding terrain.)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Your coverage map looks like it covers all of Modesto! But I can't hear it where I am.

Update 4/12/2018: Our coverage is improved, with the raising of our antenna earlier this month. Our signal to the east now reaches to Oakdale Road and beyond, though still subject to (legal) interference from a distant Spanish music station. We've received reports of better reception in Riverbank as well. Downtown Modesto is still tricky, because of the distance and taller buildings; I doubt it is receivable indoors but you may be able to receive it in your car. 

Update 6/1/2017: Here are some landmarks - other churches - near which you should be able to hear GraceRadio (and the approximate distance from GraceRadio):

Big Valley Grace (Tully & Snyder, less than 1/2 mile away as the crow flies)

Modesto Covenant Church (Floyd & Newport, 2 miles)

Wellspring Anglican Church (near Blue Gum & Carpenter, about 2 1/2 miles)

Crosspoint Community Church (Needham & 11th, just over 3 miles... probably the furthest reach on this list)

Update 3/15/2017: One of the stations which was sometimes 'interfering' with our signal is (temporarily?) off the air, since February. So our overall signal sounds better in Modesto, especially north of Orangeburg Avenue. If you are west of Coffee Road, and north of downtown, you should be able to hear us well. Please contact us to let us know where you are listening to GraceRadio! 

A. The map is a prediction of possible signal coverage, and doesn't take into account (expected legal) interference from distant FM stations. (4/12/2018)

Click here for tips on how to improve your reception of GraceRadio.

Q. I thought this was a non-commercial station? What about those announcements where someone is talking about such-and-such a cause, then asks for a donation? Aren't those commercials?

A. Non-commercial stations are allowed to raise money for their own expenses; so, for example, GraceRadio may accept donations or grants, and we may respond with an on-air acknowledgments. Also, non-profit organizations and for-profit businesses alike may sponsor a particular radio program or programs.

A program producer may offer a radio program to a station at no cost to the station, but simply with the agreement for the station to air the program in trade, essentially, for the air time to broadcast the program. The program producer (a non-profit organization itself) may then ask for donations during its program to support its organization and other non-profit organizations. This producer also may, in turn, be sponsored by another organization or business as well. As part of regular non-commercial programming, this is also allowed.

If you are interested in donating to support this station, please contact us or click on our "Donate" button on the left.


revised 7/2016