October 29, 2013: LPFM (Low Power FM radio station) filing window at the FCC opens (delayed due to the government shutdown)

November 12: Our application for a Construction Permit (CP) is filed with the FCC

November 15: Filing window closes, a day late because of a computer crash at the FCC; total of 2,804 applicants

November 25, 2013: Our application is "Accepted for Filing" by the FCC

January 15, 2014: The FCC begins granting CPs to LPFM applicants; 144 grants in the first three days; previously, 356 applications dismissed

February 3: GraceRadio is granted its CP! Once a CP is granted, a station has 18 months to get on the air

February 20: Station call letters KGCE-LP are granted (thank you, Brian)

May: Internet audio stream begins testing

June 20, 2014: This website (and audio stream) goes live, 24/7

January, 2015: Assembly of the station's studio begins

April, 2015: About 90% of the LPFMs nationwide have received their CPs (=1,790) to date. The remaining 10% are generally in "MX" mode - mutually exclusive - meaning more than one station has applied for a particular frequency, and this must be resolved with the FCC's help

May, 2015: The antennae are up... we are almost on the air! 

June 2: KGCE-LP signs on full-time with Christmas music, after a few weeks of intermittent testing

June 18, 2015: GraceRadio begins regular programming!


August 26, 2016: GraceRadio has been granted permission to change frequencies, from 106.1 to 107.9! 

September 5, 2016, ~ 4 PM: GraceRadio is now on FM 107.9! Thanks to engineer par excellence Tom Driggers!


March 14, 2018: Antenna raised to improve transmission range! Thanks again to engineer Tom Driggers!