We thank and give all glory to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,

for His grace and mercy on us all!

We thank God for our business partners and their support:

Dr. Melissa Leamer of Leamer Family Chiropractic

Dr. Jeff Kahler at Veterinary Medical Associates

GraceRadio thanks Zion United Reformed Church for its support!

Thank you also to:

Circuit Saviors for improving our Internet services (thanks Garrett and Peter)

Dane at TuneTracker System for hand-holding and advice

Gary Shriver and John Broomall for their time and excellent advice and counsel

Greg Howlett, concert pianist, educator, and recording artist, for use of his lovely music

Icastcenter.com for stream hosting

Jim Bryan for local knowledge and support

Ken Edwards for his encouragement and his show Southern Gospel West Coast Express

Lightstock for royalty-free, Christian stock photography  (thanks, Jon)

The Modesto Bee for local news

Modesto Radio Museum, an excellent site about the history of radio broadcasting in the Modesto area

Paul Jones Music, Inc., Crown & Covenant Publications, and Greg Howlett for their excellent music

Shaincraig Faulder for electrical expertise, wiring help and installation

Redeemer Broadcasting for their counsel and Godly example

Tai Wong, computer and educational consultant, who can be reached at chats2tai@gmail.com

Thomas E. and Nathan S. for help with setup

Tom Driggers, engineer par excellence, for putting up with all my newbie questions, and making sure I don't electrocute myself or fall off a ladder

WillyWeather for weather information